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Lover’s Hearts® make unique gifts or a lifetime personal
treasure of your own.

The Quilt Lover's Heart® is an exclusive design by David McNutt. It's one among several word-in-heart designs that reflect an individual's love for the meaning of special words in their lives.

The collection began with David's love for art, his family and the passions of his friends and family.

Now, each of David's grandchildren's names are included in hearts worn on their grandmother's bracelet.
David's list of names in hearts is small, but growing. Specific names custom designed will be considered upon request.

Quilt Lover's Heart® sterling silver pendant and chain. $60.00

at $75

Quilt Lover's Heart Mug

Quilt Lover's Heart® silver pendant and bracelet. $75.00

Quilt Lover's Heart 6" x 4" Euro Sticker
Great for car windows, laptop decoration and refrigerator art.

One Sticker, $3.75
3 stickers, $7.75

5 sticker 11.75

Lover's Heart

Music Lover's Heart

Stitchn' Lover's Heart Please email.

Dance Lover's Heart

Go Green
Lover's Heart

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